Arise Ministries

Waiting: Preparing for Action // Kim Heinecke

March 23, 2021

What initial image comes to mind when you think about waiting? Do you picture a sleepy, sad-faced woman sitting idle and looking bored? For the follower of Christ, a season of waiting means taking certain actions. Whether we know the timeline for our wait or not, we can take an active role in navigating seasons of delay. In this week’s session, we’ll discover how to prepare our minds and hearts for action as we wait.

For this series, we will be publishing the audio from our Online Bible Study called Waiting. Listen in to the podcasts or watch the videos online and find the study guides at

As a former single mom, Kim Heinecke uses her life experiences and personal spiritual growth through studying God’s Word to encourage women. She and her husband have four sons and live in Edmond, OK. Listen as Kim walks us through the journey of waiting.

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